Application Of Non-Drop Lubricating Grease :

Suitable for wheel bearings, general lubrication of vehicles, wheel hubs, and ball bearings, and linkages suspensions.  Industrial equipment under normal loads.  The effective range of use -14°C to 350°C.

Properties Of Non-Drop Lubricating Grease :

Good Wheel Bearings performance. Good resistance to leakages from bearings. Excellent sheer stability under stress. Protects against rusting. Resist normal water washing.

Packing Of Non-Drop Lubricating Grease :

85gm, Tube 500gm,  1.Kg, 5Kg, 10Kg,180Kg Drum

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Nasa Brake Fluid is a heavy-duty brake lubricant with special additives and meets international standards: FMVSS NO 116 DOT3 JIS K2233 and SAF J1703. For a smooth and reliable braking system, brake fluid should be filled regularly. Our brake fluid has a constant viscosity that is important for the stability of your braking system. Inadequate viscosity can affect the functionality of your braking system. The fluid also protects against corrosion as moisture enters the system. Effective additives are present in our brake fluid that provide stability and strengthen your braking system. Our brake oil is available at reasonable prices.


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