About Us


Founded in the year 1984 by the late chairman and managing Director Mr.Abdul Majeed with a simple vision: to provide customers with high product quality, competitive price, efficient service & latest trends. This vision has been carried on effectively by his two sons and grandsons who are currently managing the company with the help of a well trained staff & complete in-house production facilities.


We have the highest standards for maintaining quality starting from purchase of Yarn upto Finished Product & this is being managed & operated by professionals & skilled labour. The Yarn is being procured from Mills producing high quality yarn made from superior cotton. Weaving is being constantly monitored to ensure quality, sizes, weights, reed/picks & designs are strictly in accordance with Customer needs.

What we do


We have all In-House Production facilities and are well equipped with Modern Machinery which are upgraded from time to time.


Dyeing & Finishing

cutting & stitching



Leading Towel Manufacturer and Supplier

What we offers