Understanding Developer Needs

Undine believes in building lasting relationships with developers.

Our goal is to help developers better finance their projects. We understand construction issues and strive to develop assistance programs to provide capital when you need it.

We understand the business of operating water and wastewater systems, and we can help remove the everyday distraction. As professional utility owners and operators, we know how to provide those services to your customers.

We are regulated by state utility agencies that have water quality and customer service in mind.

We are Entrepreneurs

The Undine objective is to meet customer demand and to provide quality service.

As entrepreneurs, we think like you do and our decision-making process is streamlined and timely.

Lower Overall Rates

At first glance, water and wastewater rates in Investor Owned Utilities (“IOUs”) may appear to be higher than municipal waterworks; however, this is often misleading. Private utilities must pay taxes, are not subsidized by local tax revenues, and do not have access to tax exempt debt. These subsidies, in effect, imply higher overall costs for water and wastewater services in many city and municipal district water utilities.

As an IOU, we do not have the authority to tax our customers; however Regulatory Assessment allows a 1% pass-through to customers. Our monthly bill contains both the cost to operate and maintain the system, as well as the return of our investment. As such, in most cases, our rates are competitive with other providers in the area.

What does that mean to you and your customers? Lower taxes and competitive rates reduce living costs for your customers which can equate to quicker lot turnover and higher profits for you.

Long Term Commitment

Undine is a growth oriented company. Our long-term commitment to investment is your assurance that we will be there for Phase II of your project.