New Customers...Welcome to Undine

How does being a customer of Undine affect you and your family?

Customer Satisfaction

Undine is committed to customer satisfaction. True customer satisfaction comes with the knowledge that your water and wastewater provider has the experience and dedication necessary to maintain a safe, reliable distribution system and to continually comply with all Federal and state water quality regulations. We are committed to making sure that our customers receive the same quality of service as that provided by the much larger city waterworks.

Water Quality and Wastewater Treatment

The quality of drinking water is extremely important to us. We believe in investment in procedure and treatment to ensure that the water supplied to our customers is safe to drink.

This begins with the protection of our water sources and continues with the quality control in the water treatment process and the maintenance of the distribution system. We apply the same standards to the wastewater collection system and wastewater treatment to benefit both our customers and the environment.

Our commitment to maintaining regulatory standards in all of our systems means a safe, clean water supply and a healthy living environment. Additionally, our customers enjoy responsiveness to service calls and billing questions, proper water pressure, capacity, and trouble free wastewater services.