STARK 2018

Technology designed, manufactured and desired in Brazil

Come and be surprised by the performance, style and modernity of Stark , the off-road 4x4 designed, manufactured and increasingly desired in Brazil. Engineers and designers at TAC Motors have combined every detail of technology to put you ahead, whether on the toughest trails or tarmac. Resistance with beauty. Comfort with agility. Stability with strength. Economy with drivability. Everything suits you, everything suits Stark.

  • Technology and modernity, from design to production
  • Quality in the details of the internal and external finish
  • More control and power, with 127hp turbo diesel engine
  • Comfort for 4 people, in a highly resistant safety cell
  • Highest ground clearance in its class (260mm) and wide entry and exit angles
  • All this with the beauty of design that surprises wherever it goes.

Innovative construction for strength and performance, on and off the road

Stark was designed to combine safety and performance, starting from an innovative carbon steel reinforced tubular frame. Manufactured with high mechanical strength requirements, the structure forms a complete protection cell.

We added the unmistakable style, with even more innovation: composite material (fiberglass reinforced) and engineering plastic panels form the body, joining the structure with a perfect finish.

A set that is both light and resistant, both to the stresses of off-road use and to corrosion. The result is more agility, with a better power-to-weight ratio, combined with the safety, strength and durability you'd only find in heavier vehicles.


  • Body : 3-door / 4-passenger, Jeep type, utility
  • Suspension : 4-wheel independent / Double A-arms
  • Transmission : Eaton FSO 2405 mechanical, 5-speed synchronized
  • Drive : BorgWarner - 4x2 / 4x4 / 4x4 with reduced - 4x2 / Rear drive axle
  • Clutch : single-disc, dry, hydraulically actuated
  • Differentials : Dana 44.3 with rear lock
  • Transmission Ratio : 1st - 4.473:1 / 2nd - 2.289:1 / 3rd - 1.376:1 / 4th - 1:1 / 5th - 1: 0.725 / Re - 3.795:1
  • Brakes : hydraulic, ventilated discs 04 wheels
  • Steering : hydraulic, rack and pinion type
  • Weight : 1.710 Kg
  • Fuel tank : 70 liters
  • Motor : 2.3L 16V Turbo Diesel Intercooler - 04 cilindros, modelo S23WG LD
  • Manufacturer : FPT - FIAT Powertrain Technologies
  • Fuel and technology : Diesel, common-rail direct injection, electronic control
  • Power : 127hp at 3,600rpm (93.5kW)
  • Engine displacement : 2.287 cm³
  • Torque : 320 Nm a 1.800 rpm
  • Length : 4,083 mm
  • Width : 1.884 mm
  • Total Height : 1.865 mm
  • Between axles : 2,540 mm
  • Ground clearance : 260mm
  • Angle of attack : 49 degrees
  • Departure angle : 44 degrees
  • Transposition angle : 29 degrees
  • Max side tilt : 45 degrees
  • Water crossing : 500mm
  • Turning Radius : 5,600 mm

Adventure, safety, agility and comfort in a single modern package

  • Motor FPT 2.3L Turbo Diesel Intercooler de 127cv
  • Excellent power/weight ratio of 12.9 kg/hp
  • Torque of 320 Nm at 1,800 rpm
  • High-tech 4-wheel drive: Eaton gearbox, Borg Warner transfer case and Dana differentials
  • Large ground clearance (260mm) and entry and exit angles of 49/44 degrees to overcome the toughest obstacles
  • Independent suspension with high travel and dual dampers on each wheel for more stability, control and comfort
  • Ventilated disc brakes front and rear
  • Power steering, height-adjustable steering wheel, covered in leather
  • Storage compartments in the doors, on the dashboard and 2 cup holders on the console
  • Air conditioning, electric windows, locks and mirrors


Stark is designed and manufactured in Brazil, with style, modernity and performance in every detail, in a new factory installed in Sobral (Ceará). TAC Motors is a genuinely Brazilian company, privately held, with the participation of the governments of Ceará and Santa Catarina. Its manufacturing adopts sustainable procedures and the most modern administrative, production technology and quality control processes, with flexibility for rapid expansion of production capacity.


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