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The Pakistan Spain Business Council (PSBC), established in March 2021, is the leading business private sector association of Spanish and Pakistani companies with business and investment interests in Spain and Pakistan. The Pak Spain Business Council (PSBC) has a wide business remit to develop bilateral trade between Pakistan and the Spain. PSBC’s remit is to facilitate, acting as an intermediary, bringing together businesses and entrepreneurs, professional advisers and government agencies in Spain, Pakistan and other jurisdictions to develop bilateral trade. PSBC also proposes to organize trade missions to Pakistan with appropriate industry focus on a regular basis with the objective of promoting Pakistan as safe haven for doing business.

PSBC was initially chaired by Sir Mr. Kamran Muzaffar as a Chairman and Syed Zulqarnain Shah as a Chief Coordinator and Mr. Roman Cobas (Spanish) as a Director Relationship for solve issues/problems of businessmen with Government Offices/Departments in Spain. PSBC is financially supported mainly from annual subscriptions from members and from grants from partners and stakeholders.

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Pakistan Spain Business Council

Chairman's Message


Mr. Kamran Muzaffar

At PSBC, we aim to promote durable ways to build the Spain / Pakistan commercial relationship and to increase bilateral trade and to promote the perception of Pakistan as a good and safe haven for carrying on business.

Through our policy recommendations, our active engagement with Spain and Pakistani government officials, private sector organizations and think tanks, and particularly our trade missions, the PSBC is working to expand commercial opportunities and promote a level-playing field for Pakistanis’ companies in Spain and vice versa.

Pakistan Spain Business Council

Chief Coordinator's Message

Chief Coordinator

Syed Zulqarnain Shah

Syed Zulqarnain Shah is a management professional with a finance background and 30 years of progressive leadership experience. He is recognized for transforming high-potential staff into outstanding leaders who demonstrate the creativity and savvy that is critical to financial and operational success of an organization.

Presently, he is running an International Asian Brand DALDA (Sun Flower Oil, Olive Oil and Desi Ghee) as a Managing Director in all over the Europe. He oversaw and guided massive transformation of the Stock Exchange and Pakistan’s capital market.


PSBC is committed to host trade events and networking opportunities across the Spain and Pakistan.

Our Mission

The Pak Spain Business Council's mission is to enhance trade and investment between Spain and Pakistan and promote the bilateral economic and business between the both countries.

Our Aim

At PSBC, we aim to promote "Bilateral Trade & Investment", "Business and Commerce", "Perception of Pakistan" & to "Secure Deliverables".