Enterprise SIP Trunking

Transition From On-Premise to Cloud

Hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone exchange solution managed offsite over a cloud- based IP network. Being cloud based allows this telephone exchange system to run seamlessly over the internet.

Ring in the savings

While cutting down on software, hardware, and maintenance costs, being cloud-based also provides users with an array of unique features.

  • SIP trunking transmits voice data across networks such as the internet in real time, making for speedy fast service.
  • A virtual PBX routes incoming calls to the correct department and extension. This essentially removes the need of large PBX boxes taking up office space, as it is now hosted remotely.
  • With little to no professional maintenance required, being cloud-based allows users to be provided with upgrades and updates.

What You Need When You Need It

Businesses can easily change their call settings when using a hosted PBX. Features such as voicemail to SMS, fax to email, call forwarding, dial by name, and audio conferences are all one button away. While being able to grow as your business grows, supporting high call capacities, and cutting down on costs; TelephoneYacht’s hosted PBX solution might be just what you are looking for!

Experience Powerful Integrated Communications

Connect locations with features custom to your business. Send faxes and voicemails directly to your voicemail, giving you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

All you need for high quality business VOIP phone service, is a high speed internet connection. If you decide you need business phones, we offer inclusive packages with phones and service bundled in one monthly bill.

With multiple data centers, and various security precautions, we take utmost caution in providing our customers with secure and reliable phone service they can trust.

With 99.999% uptime, you don’t have to worry about extended downtime with TelephoneYacht. Setup is quick and easy, and our experienced technicians are always only a support ticket away for all of your telecom needs.

Our deployment is quick and efficient in having your business setup with phone service as fast as possible. Our scalable service gives you the ability to add, remove, or change lines and users at anytime with only a few clicks.

At TelephoneYacht, you choose what is best for your business with a variety of plans to choose from. If you are looking for business VOIP Phones, we offer all inclusive packages to bundle everything you need in one great deal.

Cloud Telephony Solutions that Work Across All Industries

TelephoneYacht is proud to have customers across all industries, nationwide. Our experience in deploying and managing Business VOIP phone service, has provided us extensive expertise across all industries.

  • Our ability to connect multiple locations by a single solution, has provided flexibility for our customers.
  • Adapt to industry communication requirements by moving to a cloud based VOIP phone service.
  • Unified business communication that shares all the same features across your organization even when working remotely.